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International Nepalese Literature Society NH Chapter’s 2nd meeting

On November 16th, at 8 Burbank Way Hooksett NH was healed a meeting on the chairmanship of Agni Parajuli [President of the organization] with discussing these agendas and decisions. The meeting was run by G Sec. Ishwori Bhatta. 1] Adding Board Members: In a discussion and the interest of the person, following persons are added in the executives: a) Mr. Ramchandra Bhandari Secretary – Derry NH b) Mr. Nigam Rimal Board Member – Concord C) Mr. Madan Pokhrel Board Member – Manchester

By Law: The prepared By Law was presented in the meeting but in a discussion, it will be signed and registers after discussion some of the financial issues with the central committee. The By Law will be release all the board members from the By Law Coordinator Umesh Koirala. 3] Advisors: As a discussion of the meeting, 3 to 7 peoples will be formed in the advisory committee including the president of NHNC and the president of BNC. The names will be release in the next meeting. 4] Membership and member fees: We may have institutional and trustee members as indicated in the By Law, but right now we are collecting $20, general members and 100 dollars from the life members including all around the NH. And all the board members are requested at least life member’s fee. 5] Initial funds: The initial funds are Member’s, life Member’s fees and committee will raise the program wise fund for the committee. And further fund raising program will be creating by the committee. 6] Website Creation: As a discussion of the Chief Pattern, the organization’s website will be request to create by the central committee personals Purushtom ji and Gita ji as discussion in the 1st conference meeting. 7] INLS Conventions participants from NH: We will request as much as possible persons to participate in the convention which will be held in DC on Nov 30th and Dec 1st 2013. The trips will be prepared by the President and the General Secretary of the organization. 8] Future programs: The organization’s future programs will be occurring at list 6 times in a year including Bhanu Jayanti and Laxmi Jayanti. And the programs will be also submitted in the forth coming executive meeting. 9] Vivid : a) Special Thanks : The whole committee graditutially presented ‘Special Thanks’ for the NHNC president MR Robin Thapa ji, for his efforts, generosity and input to do the literature program and form the literature committee in NH. As well as, special thanks presented to the president of NRN NCC OF USA Mr. Shiva K. Rai to provide his residence for the meeting, suggestions to the committee and with sponsoring the tea and snacks. Likewise, the meeting presented special thanks to the Chief Pattern Mr. Homnath Subedi for his special suggestions to register the committee NH chapter, provide the conference number and the way of the website creation